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The inductive linear position sensors of the Ri series operate contactless and wear-free according to a new, revolutionary measuring principle: The angular position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an oscillating RLC circuit. The sensors are thus completely immune to magnetic fields such as generated by large motors for example. The measuring range of the rugged angle sensors is 360°. As starting variants analog voltage or current outputs and switching outputs are available.

With their assembly and testing devices, Möve-Metall GmbH in Mühlhausen primarily supports the car parts suppliers in fault-free production. Wherever a manufacturing process requires manual interventions, the machines and devices from Thuringia in Germany ensure precise assembly conditions. This also includes the screwing in of car seats using various assembly devices with parallel arms, for which the arm positions are detected with Turck's inductive RI angle sensors.
Angle Sensors for Assembly Systems

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